Our Team

Bakalis Theocharis

Dipl. Naval Architect (MsC), Mechanical (MsC) and Marine (MsC) Engineer

Haris has graduated the National Technical University of Athens as a Naval Architect, Mechanical and Marine engineer. He also holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Marine Technology and Science and  a Master of Science (MSc) in Automation Systems. In the beginning of his career Haris worked as workshop mechanical engineer supervising various projects specialized in ship repairs. Also he has an experience as seaman (apprentice engineer), Technician of ship repairs, sup. Engineer and technical manager in a Shipping company, Industrial surveyor, Flag surveyor, Naval Bureau engineer, Naval academy professor etc.  At 2008 moved from Piraeus to Thessaloniki, where he first established a technical office which at 2015 became NAVARC. His fields of expertise are primarily the general managing of the projects. Haris is fluent in Greek and English. 

Patraskakis Christos

Naval Architect (BSc), Marine Engineer

Christos originally graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy and obtained the Diploma of Merchant Marine Engineer Class C’. After finishing his engineering classes he was interested in learning more about the construction of vessels and joined the Naval Architecture Department of the University of Strathclyde (SCO) and graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree. Worked for two years in a boatbuilding company following a long course in a shipping company having the overall operation and control of offshore vessels. Head of many surveys and drydockings in shipyards all over the world he gained a vast experience in rules and regulations not only in theoretical but also in practical matters. In 2015 he changed course and joined forces with Haris Bakalis establishing the company NAVARC. At the same time he became also an individual surveyor operating on behalf of a classification society

Zagaretou Anna

Administration Department

Anna has graduated in 2010 from the department of Information Technology, University of Macedonia. From 2012 provides secretarial support to Mr. Bakalis and from 2015 to NAVARC dealing among others with client and classification issues. Anna is fluent in Greek and English.